Indigo Rayne is not only a brand but a movement. There is power in words and Indigo Rayne is one that will not disappoint.


Indigo means strength, devotion, justice, and dignity. Rayne means supreme, royal, and exclusive. We choose the crescent moon as it symbolizes our growth as well as our consumers. 

Natural products are the way nature intended things to be. We provide ourselves with the use of all-natural, clean products. 

Meet The Owner

Hey everyone! I am Areca, the owner of Indigo Rayne, where we assist you in evolving your self-care routine.

Our candles are crafted with all-natural ingredients. We use a hybrid mix of soy and coconut wax, all-natural oil to handcraft our custom and signature fragrances. Our soaps are formulated with all-natural ingredients and exfoliants leaving your skin soft and smooth!

During the pandemic my son and I noticed that aromatherapy candles were not only hard to find but also expensive so we decided to create our own, thus forming Indigo Rayne!